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In 2012, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon launched the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) to mobilize global scientific and technological expertise to promote practical problem solving for sustainable development, including the design and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the local, national and global level. In 2015, the SDSN launched its official youth initiative (SDSN Youth) to empower youth globally to create sustainable development solutions.

SDSN Youth educates young people about the SDGs and provides opportunities for them to pioneer innovative solutions to address some of the world's biggest challenges. With this aim, we create platforms for young people to connect, collaborate and integrate their ideas and perspectives into national and regional pathways for implementing the SDGs.

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G20 Think Tank Summit Berlin Germany May 2017UN Habitat III Conference Quito Ecuador Oct 2016


Empowering youth around the globe to create sustainable solutions.

  1. Educate young people about the SDGs and create pathways for achieving them.

  2. Connect young people globally to exchange ideas, share experience and collaborate to achieve the SDGs.

  3. Support young people in the creation and scaling of innovative solutions for the SDGs.

Since the launch of SDSN Youth in 2015, we have:


A global team of 180+ staff working in 35 countries.


Our membership to 750+ organizations from more than 127 countries.


Several global initiatives, including SDG Students Program,Youth Member OrganisationsYouth Solutions Report, Vatican Youth Symposium, Global Schools and Local Pathways Fellowship, which empower young people to create solutions for sustainable development.

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Contact the Hong Kong representative of SDSN Youth:

Toby Lau 劉霆鋒
UN SDSN Youth Hong Kong
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