Jockey Club supports new online hub aggregating digital resources developed amid COVID-19

A new online resource platform, the Jockey Club Community Channel (“the Channel”), has been launched to promote easy access to a wide range of digital resources developed by local NGOs and community partners for work, study and leisure amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Channel, created and funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, is part of the Club’s COVID-19 initiatives to help the community cope with the pandemic. Since February, the Club has moved with agility and purpose to launch a series of relief measures which have reached over one million people in Hong Kong.

It has supported numerous NGOs and community partners with the continuation of their services amid the closure of offices, schools and public facilities. Their diverse range of innovative online resources include e-learning materials, online sports classes, online virtual arts and culture experiences as well as health-related information, which have attracted a viewership of over 3.2 million.

All these online resources are now housed under the Channel, which is run by the non-profit technology organisation Social Career. The Channel aggregates different online resources amid the pandemic and even after it subsides, allowing the public to obtain the information while staying home.

Below are highlights of some online activities on the Jockey Club Community Channel.

Fun to Move@JC
Children enjoy being active and need to ‘discharge their energy’ especially with the closure of schools. The Fun to Move@JC Project has launched the Ring the Bell Exercise and Fun Dance videos which are easy to follow and can get the whole family moving together while cultivating the habit of regular exercise. The Education Bureau’s online learning resources for school children cover the short videos created by the Project, and the number of views of the short videos on various social media has exceeded 400,000!

To echo "suspending classes without suspending learning", the CoolThink@JC project team has produced a series of computational thinking and coding classes for home learning.

Jockey Club Yat Po ‘Happy A-ge-cappella’
The Jockey Club Yat Po ‘Happy A-ge-cappella’ offers complimentary online a-ge-cappella courses featuring five episodes for the elderly, parents and children to sing along at home during the pandemic.

Jockey Club “Peace and Awareness” Mindfulness Culture in School Initiative
As living through the pandemic can be stressful, the Jockey Club “Peace and Awareness” Mindfulness Culture in School Initiative organised by the University of Hong Kong has designed a free manual on online relaxation exercises to help people positively cope with adversity.

Stay tuned for news about Club-supported COVID-19 initiatives by visiting the Jockey Club Community Channel!


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