About the Membership

Membership in the Sustainable Development Solutions Network is free and open to not-for-profit institutions (not individuals). Institutions must be knowledge-generating, i.e. they must conduct research, analyses, and/or data collection, and can be universities, research institutions, foundations, or civil society groups. Member institutions should have deep expertise in one or more areas related to sustainable development and commit a substantial amount of their own work towards finding and/or implementing solutions for the SDGs. They should be well-established institutions, having been in operation for over 5 years.

The SDSN and its network members work closely with businesses and governments, particularly around the development and scaling up of new solutions. Businesses can become SDSN Business Partners in recognition of their contributions to the work of SDSN. For more information please contact info@unsdsn.org

Why Join The SDSN?

By becoming a member of the SDSN you will join a unique network of problem solvers and contribute to practical solutions for sustainable development. We will work together to support:

  • Global discussions on sustainable development
  • Local, regional, and national problem solving for sustainable development
  • Educational initiatives for sustainable development
  • Applied research and communication for sustainable development

For more information about the benefits and conditions of joining SDSN, please visit the global SDSN membership page.

How To Apply?

To join the SDSN, please submit an application via our online application system. Applications are reviewed quarterly (applications received December through February are reviewed in March, applications received March through May are reviewed in June, applications received in June through August are reviewed in September, and applications received in September through November are reviewed in December) by the Networks Strategy Council. Applications received by email will not be considered.

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