Free Telemedicine Consultation Service in COVID-19 Convalescence Care

25 March 2022

Hong Kong records more than one million confirmed COVID-19 cases amid the fifth waves. Many patients are recovering from COVID-19, but they are still experiencing some post COVID symptoms, such as unusual fatigue, cough, throat discomfort, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, gastrointestinal discomfort, dizziness, headache, myalgia, anxiety, sleep disturbances, memory and attention disorder, and taste sensation. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the genuine Qi of these patients is weakened after fighting against the virus, whereas the virulence has also left some residual symptoms inside the bodies.

Integrative Medical Centre, CUHK, CUHK – SHFA Integrative Medical Centre, and The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Specialty Clinic cum Clinical Teaching and Research Centre jointly launch the ‘Free Telemedicine Consultation Service in COVID-19 Convalescence Care’ to help the recovering patients through Chinese herbal medicines, medicinal diets and aromatic herbal sachets, with consultation fee waived.

Source: Intergrative Medical Centre, CUHK