Book Club with Jeffrey Sachs – S3 EP4 Out Now

Created on 15 February 2024

The Book Club with Jeffrey Sachs is now presented in podcast, bringing you lively conversations between Professor Jeffrey Sachs and authors of inspiring books about history, social justice and challenges of building a decent world. Find ‘Book Club with Jeffrey Sachs’ on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and other major podcast apps. Be sure to subscribe for episode updates! The episodes can also be accessed directly here.

Join Professor Jeffrey Sachs and economist Professor David Daokui Li to discuss Professor Li's new book, 'China's World View: Demystifying China to Prevent Global Conflict'. Together, they delve into China's long history, Confucian culture, and meritocratic political system to gain insights into Chinese politics and economics.

In this episode, they cover a wide range of topics, including politics, education, philosophy, culture, and international relations. Professor Li helps us understand the similarities and differences in the political and economic approaches of China and the US. He explains how US-Chinese relations can be peaceful, constructive, and beneficial for both countries and the world.

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About the Book Club with Jeffrey Sachs

Hosted by Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs, the eminent thought-leader in economics and sustainable development, the Book Club features monthly interviews with renowned authors about their ground-breaking work in sustainability, economics, history, social justice, and more.

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