13th SDSN Leadership Council Meeting in New York

Mr Cheung Leong, co-chair of SDSN Hong Kong, joined the 13th SDSN Leadership Council Meeting in New York on 23–24 September 2018. The objectives of the meeting were to review strategic implementation priorities for the six transformations to achieve the SDGs and implications for the SDSN’s work, including the following:

  • Online education for the Sustainable Development Goals: SDG Academy;
  • China’s Belt Road Initiative and the Global Energy Interconnection and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO);
  • A review of the progress in building the global SDSN Network, including SDG Centers of Excellence;
  • A review of SDG needs assessments and macroeconomics of SDGs (with the IMF Fiscal Affairs Department);
  • The Food, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Land-use and Energy (FABLE) Coalition;
  • Business and SDGs;
  • The SDG Index & Dashboards and related initiatives;
  • Data and the SDGs;
  • Move Humanity, a new campaign to mobilize private philanthropy for the SDGs; and
  • The SDSN work plan for 2019 and beyond.

During the meeting we showcased the developments of SDSN Hong Kong to promote SDGs, and in the meeting we learned from the experience of different SDSN chapters around the globe.