Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge (HKSEC) 2023 – 24

Created on 13 October 2023


The Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge (HKSEC) is a social venture startup competition organised by the Center for Entrepreneurship of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and sponsored by the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau, HKSAR Government.

Since its inception in 2007, over 9,300 post-secondary undergraduate and postgraduate students and fresh graduates from 145 academic institutions have been participating and generating over 1,600 business ideas for social enterprise. Through a structured competition model, HKSEC encourages students to employ a creative entrepreneurial approach to solve real world social issues. HKSEC aims to accelerate the growth of social enterprise startups led by young people.

HKSEC 2023-24 focuses on the theme of ‘Inclusive Society’. Participants are encouraged to transform the SDGs into tangible actions and make an impact to the world and society by establishing a social enterprise.

Competition Overview
Phase 1 First Round
All teams will summarise the social need and the social venture model to address it in a set of documents, including Executive Summary, Concept Deck, Lean Canvas and Appendices.

Phase 2

Semi-Final teams will be invited to write up their detailed social venture plans and pitch their ideas before a panel of judges.

Phase 3 Grand Final
8 Final teams will then be selected to compete for the 4 awards.

Startup Awards

Two Champion Teams will be offered Startup Awards of up to HK$75,000 per team to turn their business ideas into reality. Two Runner-up Teams will receive up to HK$37,500 per team.

Timely Impact Award

HK$50,000 will be given to the team with the business idea that is most relevant in addressing a current challenge of Hong Kong in 2023-24.


For more details and enrollment procedures, please refer to the HKSEC website.