Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club

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University students are now invited to apply for the ‘Conservation Chill Club Ambassador Scheme’ and ‘Conservation Chill Club Marketing Contest 2021’ organized by Ocean Park. The programmes are parts of the overarching ‘Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club’ that aims to encourage young people in Hong Kong to organize and participate in conservation events for local iconic species, namely Golden Birdwing, Green Turtle and Acropora Corals, in an innovative way.

Details are as follows:

Banner Ambassador Scheme

Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Ambassador Scheme

Students will be recruited as education ambassadors to share animal and conservation knowledge to the general public, while gaining valuable firsthand experience in conservation. Throughout the half-year programme, the ambassadors will have a chance to understand how to protect local species, gain soft skills and expand social circle. Outstanding ambassadors are entitled to a chance to join an overseas eco tour.

Banner Marketing Contest

Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Marketing Contest 2021

Students will team up and be required to unleash creativity to take on two challenging missions to raise public awareness on the three local signature species mentioned above. The winning productions will be used as Ocean Park’s promotion materials and the winning team in each mission will receive fabulous prizes and unique exposure.

Deadline for application: 2 October 2020
Further details and application: please click the hyperlink of each banner image
Enquiry: 3923 2323